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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  October 15, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CDT

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it may get worse before it gets better and will do better. city and top officials are trying to reassure and, dallas residence after a second health-care worker tested positive for the people of irish. president obama has canceled a trip so that he can meet the cabinet agencies working to coordinate the federal evil response. good afternoon everyone. we welcome our viewers are watching us around the country. so far all we know about this new patient is that she is single she
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lives alone and she has no pets. >> have very limited information at this point. we have learned that the second worker was on a flight from cleveland to dallas the day before she reported having symptoms. reaching out to passengers who flew with her and frontier airlines flight two days ago. the second case has many wondering about the texas hospitals ability to handle evil. another health care worker who also treated thomas eric duncan. same hospital that initially sent him home even billy had a fever. ground zero for the ebola outbreak. today texas health presbyterian hospital officials tried to reassure dallas residents about the ability to
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handle people and protect employees. i do not think we have a systematic institutional problem. we're looking at every element of our personal equipment. we did not have an answer for this right now. we are looking at every possible angle. 77 health-care workers came in contact. to have come in contact and been tested positive. the other 75 were being monitored for symptoms. this may not be the end. we're preparing contingencies for more. that is a very real possibility. this is a very fluid situation. this is just now developing. the latest patient is being transferred to emory hospital. president obama was supposed to attend some events in new jersey and connecticut this afternoon. he has
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postponed those plans so he can hold a white house meeting. >> we of course will have comments. >> cook county morgue is preparing for possible ebola cases. he is making sure all cdc updates are passed along to staff and funeral directors. where we might become involved as if there was a home death of somebody who had flu like symptoms and we did not know. no one knows what they died of. uninstructed investigators if they do come across that setting did a very detailed travel history if the person has been to the african countries are had contact with them. in that kind of case what we would do is transport the body. but follow guidelines. we will
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also follow the recommendations not to do an autopsy. we've just take samples and send them to the cdc for analysis. also says he has been meeting with the department of public health to stay up-to-date on the deadly virus. liberian health care unions have called off their strike over pay and working conditions. the strike began on monday. national health workers association of liberia says they decided to end the walkout today on humanitarian grounds. more than 3400 people have been killed. the nation's hardest hit by the ebola outbreak in west africa. you can find out much more information and updates to this developing health story. >> check go past reports and new details. chicago >> please send this to getting the death of a man whose body
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was found in a dumpster. the body was discovered just before noon. that is in the jefferson park neighborhood. police a man was white and appeared to be in his '40's. authorities have not said how they think he died. the woman's mother and husband have been found murdered at separate locations. police may never find out the answers because the woman has died of organ failure. found in a garage in chicagos neighborhood. the tribune reports both legs were severed above or below the nailhe is. police were called to her home in indiana last month for a medical emergency. after forcing their way inside officers found him sitting in a chair with a gun near by. the was rushed to the hospital but died
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the next day. police later found a woman's body buried in his backyard. the woman had been shot. believe to be a teen mother. awaiting dna tests to positively identify the body. police in chicago and indiana say they're sharing information to try to solve both murders. >> need your help finding a suspect in two bank robberies. these pictures show the same woman committing to a different bank robbers. the picture on the left shows the women who loved a bank yesterday just before noon. police say it is the same woman in the picture on the right. >> a property-tax will not go up your cable bill will increase under the budget plan for next year. live at city hall with details. as you heard the they are holding the line on property
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taxes. no new gas taxes or sales taxes in this election year budget. the hefty boost in parking garage taxes to help fund beefed up popple repairs. nearly all of the funding for this critical expansion will come from those who park in downtown garages or airports. including suburbanites and taurus. the mayor appointing to the record window. needs revenue. visitors to chicago bearing the brunt of a 2 percent hike and an already hefty parking rush tax. the mere unveiling his 2015 budget before a special session of the chicago city council. many older than grumbling that that had little to no input and did not even see a copy of the mayor's address until he started talking. critics say the budget kicks the can down the road when it comes to underfunded police
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and fire pension. the mayor's budget raises revenue with what amounts to an increase in the cable television amusement tax taking it up to 9%. skybox owners in chicago stadiums will see an end to their tax exemption. soon to be 22% on weekdays. a 20 percent tax on weekends. those vehicles will see taxes jumped to 9%. emmanuel's opponent in the mayoral election: the mayor's budget election year fluff. no solutions to long term debt. no reform and sticking the bill to our retirees. as mayor and his budget shortchanges chicagos long term future. i heard a lot of stuff about the last three years and what was done in washington d.c.. it was very hard to gauge how
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we're going to tackle the real problems that we face in the neighborhoods. >> manual getting some push back from alderman. the mayor appointing to the budget deficit that he inherited from his predecessor. the city's structural deficit has been reduced to $297 million. that is almost half of all it was three years ago. >> the governor squared off in a debate. campaign advertisements factored heavily and last night's contest. accused clinton of decisions that have worsened illinois social services and job opportunities. >> he wants to tax garbage collection families that might hire someone to help
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them adopted child or make a will. that is what the tax is all about. you're running an advertisement placed upon is a false accusation in a frivolous lawsuit those thrown out in court by a judge who dismissed it on >> taking a false and accusation and spinning it into an advertisement because you cannot run on the truth. the two candidates have one more debate scheduled. that is next monday. a damage statue that pays tribute to fall on chicago police officer will be repaired today. have been damaged twice in the past week. the artist to decorated it will begin repainting it today. the stature remembers the officer. a collection of up to 100 identical statues individually painted by local artists and placed around the city. statues will be auctioned off in december. proceeds will go to the memorial foundation.
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schools are closed again today. negotiations to end the teachers' strike will resume this afternoon. >> to hundreds of people attended last night's school board meeting. many of those who spoke in the meeting expressed anger at the school board over that strike which is now in its eighth day. the two sides are returning to the bargaining table after the board meeting. tossed around 1:30 a.m.. we'll tell you what the vatican is now backtracking for all the distinctions they've earned in life there's a higher standard of home care.
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fighters in the syrian city say they are holding militants back for now. coalition warplanes bombarded six more targets today. today's air strikes are on top of another 21 airstrikes carried out yesterday. fighters are trying to prevent prices from taking over the border crossing into turkey. if that happens then the battle is over. >> authorities are trying to find of was responsible for today's deadly
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bombing in baghdad. 25 people were killed and 60 others were wounded when a suicide car bomb went off. officials say a former deputy interior minister is among the dead. the money was a central issue that is interestinthat the sentencing hearing. >> the former olympic runner could also get probation. on day three of the hearing a probation officer revealed a sent hiher parents' money. they plan to repay. neither of them planned to testify at the hearing. more than four months after the sergeant was released by the taliban. future is still in limbo. going to counseling and could not return to active duty. an
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investigation into whether or not he was captured or deserted his unit is still making its way up the chain of command. performing in the administrative duties. he is not communicating with his parents but that a face-to-face reunion is still not occurring. >> vatican has pack tracking. the preliminary report was released by a council of 200 church leaders. many conservative catholics complained saying it waters down church teachings. officials now say their report is a working document. the prepared for a larger gathering. since becoming head of the church has preached reconciliation and tolerance towards gay people. u.s. supreme court orders texas not to enforce a controversial law. center for reproductive rights is challenging a lot thaa law
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>> whether the laws and a restriction should be delayed while the legal battle continues. texas lawmakers say the regulations would improve patient care and safety. >> the family of imam ali is denying a claim that he is near death. his older brother's parkinsons' disease had gotten so bad that he is in dire health. a family spokesperson says that most lucid in the morning. vocal skills weekend as the day progresses. they say for a 72 year-old man with parkinson's he is quite strong. has given his blessing to the new biographical movie i am ali. he is not strong enough to attend last week's hollywood premiere. the white house will reportedly begin looking for a new attorney general. announced last month that he is stepping down. says he will
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remain in office until a successor is confirmed. held a job for six years. labor secretary and former home and security secretary. >> first lady michelle obama is known for promoting healthy eating. >> the first lady dances. a brief parody of the song turned down for what. it actually started when president obama and impersonator of the president went on twitter and asked how many calories do you burn every time you turn up? >> the venture goes mobile was a new mobile ticketing application the most dangerous intersections in chicago.
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>> and later in lunch break we're >> and later in lunch break we're making sushi.
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save money. live better. walmart. stocks have been taking a nosedive this morning as wall street has been briefly touching and eight month low. now down 415 points. trying to come back. retail sales are down on weakening auto sales. consumers backed off. although sales fell 0.8 percent last month after rising 10% in the month of august. clothing and accessories also saw a slight drop in sales. electronic purchases helped
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offset that decline. they are america's largest generation. born between 1983 and 2000. on public transportation. a study indicates the recent weak economy has pushed them away from cars. sends a message to policy makers. toyota is recalling more than 1.7 million vehicles from around the globe. and voluntary move to address defects. about 400,000 lexus models will be recalled. most of the cars affected and japan and overseas. taylor is recalling more than
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a million vehicles. the company says they are not aware of any crashes are injuries. >> >> phyllis and near stores have been kicking off the christmas shopping season earlier and earlier. moved up the opening time from midnight to 8:00 p.m.. the majority of the thanksgiving day shifts have been filled by voluntary employees. >> cta matra and pace announced a mobile application for the new venture system. the application will allow rutgers to pay for fares. users can lower the value and passes on their venture card and check their balance.
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2015 customers will be able to pay with a touch of their phone. free application is set to launch next year. some of chicago's busiest intersections are also the most dangerous. the group that promotes biking walking in public transportation wants to fix that. the alliance is the intersection of milwaukee norton damon evidence had the highest number of crashes in the city involving pedestrians and bicyclists. those numbers come from a period of 2006-2012. accidents can be cut by improving crosswalk markings and adding countdown signals. other dangerous intersections include cicero and chicago. >> university of illinois changing the admission process. currently they have to the commission. . many students have decided on the other schools by that point. 42 percent of illinois students decided to attend.
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that is a record low. next year the college will have 1 application deadline on december 1st and one notification date. >> math scores and almost every grade showed improvement on the 2014 illinois state exam. last spring's exams were considered the toughest ever for grade school students. performance in math was up. 55-5464 past. the state will launch a new set of exams later the school year. >> there's a warning for chicago dog owners. a life- threatening bacterial infection is striking pets. live music from composer and drummer glenn composer and drummer glenn
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kansas city has been kind of used to losing. some of the her dominating be some of the playoffs. one win away from the pennant. hall of fame and throw out the first pitch. orioles up a run in the fourth. a great diving catch. tied in the sixth inning. to sucker for influence. in game 3 of the nl c.s. in san francisco giants and cardinals were tied at 4 in the 10th. >> to throw to first was way off. came home one walk ofon a walk off
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error >> chicago bulls came back from 21 points. our reward his team with a three hour practice yesterday. >> and wants everyone to play better. use used to his coaches. i'm used to it. we did not speak about it. we know what we have to do. there's only one goal. i do not want them to fool themselves. to me the big thing is understanding what goes into winning. you're preparing yourself to your play.
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>> in the short cut the process i have been around a long time. i know it doesn't work. time. i know it doesn't work. >> your fulla1 im
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how much more of this do we have to endure? >> it is going to be cloudy tomorrow morning. maybe some sprinkles. this is been a long week. clouds and fog and drizzle. we're going to see that off and on during the day today. some of the showers may be a little bit more moderate. it is not a pretty picture. >> aliva live
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picture of michigan avenue. we still have fog report it and a number of locations around the area. >> shows that it is still hanging on the area of low pressure over the midwest. >> and through what you can see moderate to perhaps even heavy showers. they will continue to the afternoon into this evening. that is precipitation is now hitting the mid- atlantic states. our forecast models holding out some hope. i will believe it when i see it. clouds will fill back in the overnight. by tomorrow morning we expect to see plenty of breaks in the clouds. as we go into the weekend
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partly cloudy skies. those temperatures actually occurring in the predawn hours. look at this. this area of cooler air will be hanging around. we're not going to see any impact for a while. temperatures expected to be even cooler. 93 percent humidity. we have visibility down to about 8 mi.. all over the place. temperatures in the upper 40's and '50's notice midway airport at the moment at 54. the wind coming out of the north with some also wind speed between 5-14 mi. per hour. i mentioned of his abilities. some
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thin fogged up towards the western suburbs. that will be with us all day today. here is the air mass. with time it does push off to the east. some cooler air built-in behind it. maybe pro long stretch of temperatures in the '50s. >> it allows this saturation of the air. although with breezy conditions. for the most part we can expect the fall to be with us. to a low temperature her high temperature of 56. tonight a low
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temperature of 52. lingering showers this evening. cooler temperatures and gusty breezes. as we go into thursday mostly cloudy a little bit of early drizzle. high- temperature in the '60s. >> temperature about 62 degrees or so. mostly sunny skies. that looks like a very nice day. we'll see temperatures back in the '50s. we will talk about that during the update. what is on the back of the $2 bill? >>
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death caused by prescription painkillers decreased for the first time in 15 years. shows painkiller death dropped 5% in 2012. pearland deaths have surged. some addicts may have turned to illicit drugs. federal and state restrictions and made it harder to get a prescription narcotics.
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>> it is treatable with antibiotics if caught quickly. the preventative vaccine as well for dogs. coloring is not just for kids. coloring can be beneficial for adults suffering from stress. huffington posted just coloring can relieve stress by readjusting your focus. coloring also reminds people of their childhood. typically low stress. in most people's life. i can never stay within the lines. i'll always be coloring and myself. lunch break is coming up and myself. lunch break is coming up next. a1
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in today's lunch brenbreak. we are learning about his newest sports bar and sushi. what are you preparing today? >>it is a sushi brulee. >>always try to do things differently with japanese dishes we create. it is a butter crust that goes on the roll. we have herb and zest,.
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a little truffle. the recipe is very simple. some softened butter and bread crumbs. a little bit of herbs. i hand mixed this so it gets well incorporated. place into wax paper. take it and fold it over. use a rolling pin. until i get the shape that i want. the best way is to put it into the freezer. here we have finish product. it is very temperamental. you can top fish with it. you can top
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chicken. you use it for some of your other dishes? >>once we put it onto a california roll. we use black rice. signature to us. we iwll put the crust on it. this is where the brulee action comes. a little torch. >>look at that. it warms up and gives texture to the dish. >>it goes right away. right into it. the flavor adds to the sauce. >>we have some
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signature dishes. the chicken wings. we are a sports restaurant. you can watch the game. >>this is a crab cake. our pig in a biscuit. here we have a sampler of an appetizer plate. >>that was the whole idea. we wanted to create an experience that was unique. thank you so much for coming by.
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>>you can learn more at
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berea ask what is on the back of the $2 bill? >> the answer is the declaration of independence. it is featured on the reverse of the $2 bill. >> i used to collect those things. i might still have one or two around. to have some showers trying to push through the area. an area of high pressure will push those things eventually out of chicago. now we have temperatures that are very chilly out there. if you're heading out the need a little rain protection. perhaps this letter as well. we will rise a little bit tomorrow. unnoticed last four days of the forecast
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as temperatures just in the '50s. chance of increasing cloudiness. if you're keeping up with the hurricane off of the coast is not a category 4 storm. >> you want to thank you for joining us >> conducting interactive workshops next interactive workshops next month.
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in the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the police, who investigate crime and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders. these are their stories. ( garbled radio transmission ) this damn indian winter, man. that's summer, genius. no such thing as indian winter. when it's this cold this late in the year, it is definitely somebody's fault. oh, so blame it on the native americans? you got somebody better to blame? the problem with the world-- crap doesn't just happen. it's got to be someone's fault. yeah, well, it keeps us in business. it makes a lot of lawyers rich.


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